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# Affordable housing

Olivia 10 3mo ago
in case you weren't sure yet - rent control works ;)

Rent control regulations are already in place in five states and Washington, DC. Others are trying to join as rent skyrockets nationwide.

Olivia 10 3mo ago
With more and more homes in the hands of large investment companies, we should do more to protect the rights of tenants against bullying and abuse... A new renter's bill of rights can't come soon enough if you ask me

The Biden administration rolled out a blueprint for a renters bill of rights, a major win for tenants, advocates say.

Miruna1 9 4mo ago
hi all!!! thanks for the great work. just wanted to post this link about zoning restrictions. byee

Excessive zoning regulations have choked off the supply of new homes in much of the U.S., causing a severe shortage and skyrocketing prices and rents.[1] Can we solve the problem on the local level, or do we need state and federal intervention?Most zoning regulation in the U.S. happens at the...

liammm 5 4mo ago
The main benefit of an energy-label would be to increase awareness and information of home buyers or tenants. This protects them better from further increases in heating and cooling costs.

liammm 5 4mo ago
The USA needs a national, unified energy label as soon as possible. We can no longer stay behind when all other western countries have made this move already...

With our international perspective of construction and home pricing trends, it's time to stress the importance to the homeowners of North America and Canada of home performance. If buying a home, or thinking about it - please read this first. A recent report in the UK by the Climate Change Committee (CCC) has…

As house prices continue to rise, home ownership is disappearing out of reach for more and more Americans. We must act now to protect our right to good and affordable housing. You can make a huge impact by expanding the articles and knowledge on here about the housing shortage and the possible solutions.


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