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Actionize Blog and updates

August 26, 2023

We're looking forward to welcoming Emily as our social media manager over the coming few weeks. Excited to collaborate Emily!


August 4, 2023

Our beta-2 version is live ! A new layout for Actionize! Based on your feedback, we've added a left hand side menu for Actionize, to facilitate navigation between different topics. We hope you like it, and find your way around the site more easily. Other suggestions and remarks always welcome, under the “Posts” tab ;)  


July 28, 2023

Actionize has a new Video Content Creator.  We're very excited about the huge talent skill and motivation of Nick. Can't wait to get working together…


July 27, 2023

We were fortunate enough to speak to Joe Beernik from Trashmob. Very inspiring to hear suggestions, ideas and insights. Thank you Joe!


July 19, 2023

We got to speak to Dana and Shaneka who have extensive experience in community organizing and social media management. Looking forward to speaking to you again, and find pathways for a volunteer opportunity for you two…


July 18, 2023 

Actionize has a new board member! It's an honor to have you on the team, Terri  :)


June 2, 2023

Well, we have a new favicon. Hope you like it. Also, our first Twitter and Facebook posts are out :)


May 16, 2023

More articles about Actionize, and grassroots pressure have been added today! Notably, we added more information about our funding model , our multi year vision on how to move from knowledge to action, and a topic about applying grassroots pressure on decision makers. 


May 15, 2023

We've added new articles, "About Actionize", and a couple more, to give you more background information. Thanks @ska for the great suggestion ;)


May 13, 2023

Our website now allows you to log in with your twitter account too. Enjoy!


April 30, 2023

Our first beta version of Actionize.org is online! Time to celebrate :)

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