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# Climate action

Olivia 10 4mo ago
Really like this article. The climate crisis can be solved. Switching to renewables will be cheaper, better for our health, improve our economy, and save the planet...

The past year highlighted reasons for optimism that we will tackle the climate crisis before it’s too late. Here are four big reasons for hope in the coming year, writes University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability Dean Jonathan Overpeck in The Hill.

claire s 7 4mo ago
great post... I added a new article, hope you guys like it :)
Olivia 10 4mo ago
California bans gas car sales after 2035. High time other states follow the example...

The historic rule, issued by the California Air Resources Board on Thursday, will force automakers to speed up production of cleaner vehicles starting in 2026.

Olivia 10 4mo ago
The cost of climate change to the United States: 165 billion per year ...

The U.S. endured 18 separate billion-dollar disasters in 2022, highlighting the growing damages of human-caused climate change.

Olivia 10 4mo ago
renewables are not only cleaner, they are also cheaper :) we need to speed up the transition...

Renewable energy was the cheapest source of energy in the year 2020. The cost of renewable technologies like wind and solar is falling significantly, according to a new report.

ava23 4 4mo ago
Good read on Silvopasture, the highly beneficial practice of integrating trees, forage, with the grazing of domesticated animals.

Within the practice of agroforestry, or mixing trees with agricultural production, the concept of silvopasture has some of the broadest appeal. Many farms

ava23 4 4mo ago
The USA is still falling behind on its ambitions of climate action.

Climate change is a pressing issue that affects all citizens of the United States. Contribute to our knowledge base on climate action by adding posts or expanding existing articles, helping to create a comprehensive resource for everyone who wants change.


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