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Miruna1 9 4mo ago
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here's a cool article explaining why diversity in newsrooms makes is an absolute imperative. enjoy :)

A diverse workforce and inclusive content are imperative for the longevity of media organizations, yet there is still a lack of diversity in the newsroom.

Miruna1 9 4mo ago
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unless social media is held accountable for spreading and amplifying fake news, they will continue to do so as a means to serve the interest of powerful people behind the scenes. so we really need to move forward and hold social media companies accountable for this poisonous activity...

The comments are the latest from the Biden administration in a tiff over whether or not social media companies are harming users with Covid-19 misinformation.

Miruna1 9 4mo ago
posted in Affordable housing
hi all!!! thanks for the great work. just wanted to post this link about zoning restrictions. byee

Excessive zoning regulations have choked off the supply of new homes in much of the U.S., causing a severe shortage and skyrocketing prices and rents.[1] Can we solve the problem on the local level, or do we need state and federal intervention?Most zoning regulation in the U.S. happens at the...

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