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# Protect Democracy

liammm 5 4mo ago
... and our democracy is still very much under attack. if we stand by, our freedoms will be gone, forever.

In the first of a new series, we look at how November’s midterm elections could be an inflection point as election deniers seek to take control of the vote counting process

liammm 5 4mo ago
I think a large problem is the two party system. time to end that ...

Noah 3 4mo ago
interesting video about how gerrymandering corrupts our election results

Brookings Senior Elaine Kamarck unpacks the origin and causes of gerrymandering and explains how states can reform the process for better results.

Noah 3 4mo ago
great link brendan123, thanks for posting
Brendan123 22 4mo ago
To make democracy work, we need to change how money enters politics. Our politicians should not be for sale...

Our democracy is under attack. Protecting and repairing democracy is an ongoing struggle, not a one time battle. We must work together to protect and strengthen our freedom - step by step. Join us here to make an impact...


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