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claire s 7 4mo ago
maybe... we shouldn't let media be controlled by a small group of owners steering news in whatever direction they want?

The Federal Communications Commission has an array of rules that limit how many TV and radio stations a single entity can own both across the country and in individual markets. These rules are aimed at ensuring there’s competition, localism, and a diversity of voices in the broadcast industry.

claire s 7 4mo ago
Social media causes anxiety, depression, reduced memory and focus in teens. If we manage to ban alcohol and tobacco for children for being harmful, then when will we stand up and demand a strict implementation of minimum ages for social media ?

Research has shown that young adults who use social media are three times as likely to suffer from depression, putting a large portion of the population at risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Miruna1 9 4mo ago
here's a cool article explaining why diversity in newsrooms makes is an absolute imperative. enjoy :)

A diverse workforce and inclusive content are imperative for the longevity of media organizations, yet there is still a lack of diversity in the newsroom.

Miruna1 9 4mo ago
unless social media is held accountable for spreading and amplifying fake news, they will continue to do so as a means to serve the interest of powerful people behind the scenes. so we really need to move forward and hold social media companies accountable for this poisonous activity...

The comments are the latest from the Biden administration in a tiff over whether or not social media companies are harming users with Covid-19 misinformation.

Reliable media and press freedom have been facing increasing pressure from interest groups over the past years. Together with the rise of social media, news in all it forms is more than ever a tool used to steer opinion and minds. The root of much of the democratic decline, we need to stand up and ensure media stay reliable and a source of good.


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